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Something Less Geeky January 13, 2010

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There must be something in the water where I work. Over the last six years there has been a baby a year born in the department. Five of these six women had all sat in the same office chair around the time they conceived and we did debate flying in the face of science and marketing it as a fertility aid. Just to be on the safe side, I refuse to sit in at all.

The great thing about all this fecundity is the chance it has given me to try out some of the millions of baby patterns to be found on the web. When I was crochet newbie I stumbled across this brilliant pattern on  At the time it was beyond my capabilities but when the sixth pregnancy was announced last year I decided to have a crack at it.

I made some changes as I knew the colour scheme of the nursery and wanted to make something that would fit in with the room.  Rather than working the chart in one piece, I broke the letters down into squares worked in white, cream and a very pale lemon yellow and omitted the bobble border.  This made the pattern more portable and meant there was far less to unpick and re-stitch in the (inevitable) event of me managing to miscount.  I added in a diamond shape made of bobbles into each corner square as I felt it made the pattern look more balanced.  Finally, I finished it with a plain double crochet border.

The blanket took around a month to complete.  I did a lot of ripping and restitching.  I know I shouldn’t crochet after a glass of wine but it always seems like a good idea at the time.  I was really pleased with the final result.  I don’t really do pretty as a rule but the occasional dip into the world of cuteness can be rewarding.


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