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The curse of the UFOs July 27, 2010

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I have been invaded by UFOs for the last couple of months.  I bounce happily along with a project for a few weeks, suffer crochet fatigue, abandon it and merrily start a new one.  But the UnFinished Objects call me, begging me to come back and finish them, to ignore the siren song of that lovely new cardigan pattern but I have got awfully good at ignoring their pleas recently.   Months later I come across a folorn UFO squashed up in a bag and either grit my teeth and finish the damn thing or start unravelling it in horror.   This is a very long way of justifying why I haven’t posted anything here since May. I just haven’t been inspired enough to finish anything exciting – including the shrug I was writing about in my last post.  Oh dear.

To prove I haven’t been totally idle, however, I have taken some photos of two things I actually finished and a work in progress which is about to take on a new form.

Two quick projects which did manage to hold my fickle attention were the Doctor Who filet crochet charts generously put on the web by Meredee on Live Journal.  I had never done any big pieces of filet crochet before and the TARDIS is frankly wonky

but I was very pleased with K9.  I think I had really got the hang of it by then. (Which is more than can be said for my photography skills.  I really should get Mr Crochethook to take the pictures for me.  His hands don’t shake.)

I found filet crochet quite relaxing once I got into the rhythm of the open and closed meshes.  I am not sure I would have the patience to do it in lace weight yarn though.  Double Knit was fiddly enough.

And now, may I introduce the amazing morphing project.  It began as a blanket of granny hexagons but is shortly to be ripped apart and rearranged as a cushion cover…  When I get the time…  If I don’t see something I think might be more fun to make first… OK, that’s what I think I am going to do with it.  Pretty though, isn’ it?

See?  Not totally idle.