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When I was a little girl I had a… August 19, 2010

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Knitted snake.  Way back in the late 70s I was at a local fete when I saw him and fell in love with him.  I seem to recall that the privilege of owning him cost me about 50p which was not only a bargain but well within my toddler budget.  I took him home, called him Bendy and he often kept me company in bed at night.

Be nice to him - he's about 30 years old.

Now I am a bit older and savvier, I have the sneaking suspicion that he may have actually been intended to be a draught excluder.  And it was only this evening when I got him out to photograph him that I noticed that the stitches in his seam are really quite wonky as well.  At the same time, however, there is a part of my brain that sees him only as Bendy and loves him regardless.

So why am I boring you with my misplaced affection and nostalgia for an ancient bit of not-so-handy crafts?  Well, this week I discovered The Toy Society.  This rather wonderful group encourages people to make a toy and leave it somewhere in public for another person to find and, hopefully, love enough to take home with them.  This is called a Toy Drop.  The only request made is that the finder gets in touch with The Toy Society website to say that the drop has been found.  Other than that, it is all done for the pleasure of giving someone somewhere a little bit of random joy when they weren’t expecting it.

I was fired with enthusiasm as soon as I read about it and callously threw aside the baby blanket I was hooking to make a toy so I could do my first toy drop.  It was when I was considering what home-made toys I had loved when I was little that I remembered dear Bendy and so I was inspired to make…

I can’t wait to set him free somewhere and I hope whoever finds him loves him as much as I loved my toy snake.


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