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Funky Baby Blanket August 26, 2010

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A very good friend of mine recently announced that she was having her second baby.  This is great for me as I couldn’t crochet the first time she was pregnant and this time I can use her as a willing guinea-pig for the many, many tempting baby patterns which have appeared recently. To start myself off, however, I began with the basic baby blanket.

My friend is quite a funky lady and so I decided to eschew the normal pastel baby colours and go for something a bit brighter.  I got some beautiful Manos Silk Blend wool which is a lovely, soft blend of silk and mohair.  Apart from being wonderful wool to work with, Manos wool has the bonus of being produced by a co-operative of women in Uruguay, providing them with economic and social opportunities.  It’s not the cheapest yarn to have chosen but does make the softest baby blanket.  If I were richer I would make a full-size version for myself but I think I might have settle for the cheaper hat option instead.

I wanted a relatively plain pattern to make a feature of the yarn.  I expanded the simple lace block motif from Melody Griffith’s 201 Crochet Motifs and basically kept going until I ran out of wool.  Three skeins made it large enough to keep a baby warm through its first winter.

Just the blocking left to do...

I am still debating whether to add a few applique flowers but I may wait to see what sex the baby is before I add any more to it. It needs something to lift it but I have a few months left to ponder it yet.


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