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Toy Drop 1 August 31, 2010

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Having had a bit of a mission to find a sealable bag to fit the snake into, I finally got to do my first toy drop for The Toy Society in Victoria Park.  I picked a bench on the main drag, tied the snake to the railing in a casual manner and grabbed a quick picture before running away giggling.  I don’t know why but it all felt a bit cheeky.

The crochet snake snapped in the wild.

I set off to the supermarket but couldn’t resist passing the spot on the way home to see if he had been found.  As I got nearer the bench, my heart sank as I could still see the bag tied to the railing even though the park was quite busy and it been there for an hour or so.  I sat down on a bench opposite to try and decide whether to rescue Mr Snake or not and generally wondering if people were too suspicious to take ‘something for nothing’ at face value.  I was considering my options when a little boy and his mum came by, spotted Mr Snake and rescued him.  I was delighted as by pure chance I got to see the discovery as well as having had the pleasure of doing the drop.  I am off to plan for the next one now when I will do better at leaving the discovery in the lap of the gods.


2 Responses to “Toy Drop 1”

  1. sam Says:


    I found your blog via Ravelry (the snowflake pattern) and i saw your toy drop posts 🙂 I’ve always said I’d do this too, I’m in the UK, but I’ve never got round to it. How wonderful that you saw your toy find its new home 🙂

    Nice to meet you x

  2. crochethook Says:

    Oooh, do have a go at a Toy Drop. It is great fun! I have some more waiting to go out but the weather’s a bit too poor at the minute.

    Nice to meet you too.

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