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Toy Drop 2 October 16, 2010

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Finally managed to drop the Roly Polar bear today as my second Toy Drop for The Toy Society.  I dropped him on a bench in Margaret’s Buildings and went off to do my laundry.  I am delighted to report that he went within minutes.

In other news, Monkey has blackmailed me into letting the Happy Cornish Pasty stay so he won’t be going out as Toy Drop number 3.  I will have to get working on something to replace him.


The Happy Cornish Pasty October 9, 2010

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I am rather proud of myself at the moment as I have finally made the effort to organise my stash.  Hurrumble for me!  The armchair in my living-room had become covered in balls of wool tied into plastic bags and I had frankly begun to lose track of what I owned.  Having sorted it out (and been appalled by the sheer weight of yarn in the house), I resolved to find a better storage solution than a legion of carrier bags. Today in Cargo I found a large zip-up bag to store the wool and a small plastic box to keep current projects on hand.  It now all looks a lot neater than before.

The shopping experience itself was a bit odd though.  At the till, the cashier asked if I wanted a carrier bag.  Trying to be virtuous, I said “No, just put one inside the other.”  She took me at my word.


Monkey thought this was hilarious.


As well as being more organised, my stash had been greatly reduced by the giant granny square blanket I started at the same time I began this blog.  I joined the squares while watching my way through the complete Steptoe and Son so I think it will forever be bound up in my mind with Oildrum Lane. It is a truly garish piece but very warm to snuggle under on the sofa.


Proudly made with a total disregard of colour theory


I am also still churning out toys for The Toy Society but the weather has been a bit too wet to actually make any drops recently.  The Roly Polar Bear from my last post is still waiting to go out.  My next toy was meant to be a smiling sun to hang in a window or over a baby’s cot.  How hard could that be?  A semi-circle with a smiling face and a nice wavey edge for the rays – piece of cake.  Somewhere between my brain and my hook, however, something went awry and what I actually ended up with is an insanely cheerful looking Cornish Pasty.


Monkey is a big fan of the Happy Cornish Pasty.


I am rather fond of him as he looks so mad but I keep craving pastry when I look at him so I think I will have to send him on his way and see how he gets on.

All in all, I felt justified today in visiting the new wool shop that has opened near me and buying this rather lovely sock wool as a treat.


How lovely!


I know lots of people who are trying their hand at knitting socks at the minute so I thought I would give crocheting a pair a go.  I’m not totally convinced they will be a success but at least I know they will be a lovely colour.