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It happened again February 6, 2011

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I have acquired some more yarn – like I actually needed any – but it has put me in a bit of a quandry.  The shop where I attend a weekly “Knit and Knatter” evening was selling off some Artesano yarn as they were discontinuing the colours.  I got four balls of a mustard yellow in DK and three of a pale terracotta shade also in DK for a snip.  Then, in the same week, I renewed a magazine subscription and was sent two balls of red 4 ply.  I had also got around to frogging a misshapen shrug which leaves me 7 balls of the blue in DK Artesano Alpaca.

The shades are pretty much as you see them here

The thing is, I have no idea what to do with them as there isn’t a vast amount of any colour.  I keep getting them out and gloating over them as I do love a bargain and the colours are fab but, in terms of inspiration, I have got zip.  I have discarded the idea of blankets (yawn), scarves (bigger yawn) and hats (always cause me problems.)  Equally, I don’t want to buy any more than I already have on the grounds that my yarn stash seems to be taking over the flat.  I think it may related to Audrey 2 and needs pruning badly. So this an appeal: Anyone want to suggest their favourite small project to get me started? All ideas gratefully received.


5 Responses to “It happened again”

  1. Richard Says:

    The world needs more small monsters… kinda cute and evil both at once…

  2. I’ve got a pattern for a crocheted red dragon if you’re interested?

  3. Can you send me your email address as it’s a pdf file xx

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