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The bluest blue ever April 29, 2011

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I have started a project which is going to take quite some time to complete.  It’s going to be a one person blanket and the picture below constitutes a week’s work.  God knows why but I decided it needed to be done in double-crochet.  I obviously wanted to make the job that little bit more challenging.  I estimate that I am about an eighth of the way through on day 7. A post displaying the final finished item could be a while coming at this rate.

The geekier amongst you will know already what it will be from the name of the post.  Need another clue?  I am going to have to crochet a St John’s Ambulance badge to finish it off and that’s a whole other challenge in itself.

Double crochet - what was I thinking?


2 Responses to “The bluest blue ever”

  1. Wow; a Tardis!!!! Fantastic idea, can’t wait to see the finished result.

    Louise xx

  2. Tamzin Says:

    A lot of work, but will be oh so worth it! Good to give all your house daleks a bit of competition.

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