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It’s about as offensive as a chicken vol-au-vent. May 29, 2011

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Week 5 and 95 rows down, making me almost half way up the original chart I found on Ravelry. As I am planning on adding the roof and the light (or the atmospheric exciter, if you prefer), I think I am really only a third of the way through.

I have, however, recently become aware of the existence of soluble aida which has relieved all my anxieties about the door plaque and Police Box sign.  The creation of these was hanging over me as something I wanted to do well but with no notion of how I was going to pull it off.  Now I have a plan and I am quite looking forward to getting there.  Still pondering the St John’s Ambulance badge though.  That is going to be tricky.

I had overcome its tendency to curl with pins. I can see a border is going to be a necessity.


What is inside, madam, is most important at the moment May 22, 2011

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I have got to the end of week 4 in the endless double-crochet blanket attempt.  I didn’t post last week as I was gallivanting at the theatre for two nights out of the seven and was away from home for a few days as well. As this isn’t the most portable of projects, I couldn’t take it with me.  I think my tally of work for week 3 was a poor, poor 4 rows.   This week has been a bit better.  I now have a feeling that I may actually finish this before the autumn!

72 rows and counting.


“This doesn’t roll along on wheels, you know” May 8, 2011

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Week 2 of my blanket.  The going has been slow due to the perennial obstacle of paid employment.  I had a good run in week 1 because of the long weekends.

There are a few bleeds of colour where I am carrying the yarn along behind the work but I have now worked out a tidier method of dealing with ends and carry-overs which should hopefully eliminate any more of them.

57 rows down. 200 and something to go.