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“This doesn’t roll along on wheels, you know” May 8, 2011

Filed under: Work in Progress — crochethook @ 10:44 am

Week 2 of my blanket.  The going has been slow due to the perennial obstacle of paid employment.  I had a good run in week 1 because of the long weekends.

There are a few bleeds of colour where I am carrying the yarn along behind the work but I have now worked out a tidier method of dealing with ends and carry-overs which should hopefully eliminate any more of them.

57 rows down. 200 and something to go.


2 Responses to ““This doesn’t roll along on wheels, you know””

  1. Is this your own pattern? If not can I have a copy of it?

    Louise xx

  2. crochethook Says:

    It’s not really a pattern more a guideline that I found. I swiped the chart from here: and guessed 5 double crochet/5 rows per square using DK and a 4.5mm hook. I want to add a roof and light to it so I will need to chart that up when I get there.

    It has a tendency to curl at the edge so I am going to add a border too which will add a little bit more to the height and width when it’s done. In retrospect, I think treble crochet would have been better – I think the panels would be squarer and it might not have curled so much. I had got too far to go back when I realised but if you have a go it might be worth experimenting.


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