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The bird has flown. One of us is yellow. June 5, 2011

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I don’t know if I should be proud or profoundly ashamed of myself this week.  Week 6 of the blanket and I have completed 151 rows.  That means that I have stitched my way through 56 rows in a week.  What is responsible for this burst of speed?  Well,  all I can say is that I like watching the final week of Britain’s Got Talent while eating Liquorice Allsorts and a side-effect of this is that you get a lot of crochet done at the same time.  Sad but true.  The only glitch this week was discovering that I had dropped 3 stitches somewhere which wasn’t apparent until I started on the windows last night.  Some sneaky increases and a bit of swearing soon sorted this out though.

In other news of uncharacteristic productivity, I have also made strides in planning the finishing touches for the blanket  (while ignoring the fact that I am still weeks away from starting on them).  I have charted up a roof for the TARDIS which was missing from the original design.  ( Click Tardis roof, if you would like a copy.)  And I am working on embroidery charts for the door panel and the Police Box signs.  See, proud or ashamed?  I don’t know which one to plump for.

Tales of a misspent week

I tell you what is turning out to be harder than you’d think, finding a quote each week for the blog posts.  You think after nearly 50 years there would more quotes about the TARDIS.  This week I admitted defeat and just went for one from a favourite scene instead.  It sort of counts… the Doctor was in a box at any rate.


2 Responses to “The bird has flown. One of us is yellow.”

  1. Good going; it’s amazing how quickly you’ve got to this stage!

  2. […] would have been further on but after I had crocheted in the grey stripe on the roof I suddenly realised it looked dreadful. (I said any problems from now would be my own fault.)  I […]

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