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Seems to be stuck in this ridiculous shape June 12, 2011

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Week 7 and I am up to row 178.  (I wasn’t so immoderate in my crocheting as I was last week.) I do find that the idea of a blog article on Sunday encourages me to keep hooking so my progress is pretty steady.

The windows are almost done and now I am beginning to feel that it really looks like a TARDIS. It is getting to the point where working on it in public is a little bit impractical but not so much that it has stopped me from trying.  This week I have worked on it in a pub garden and the laundrette.

The title this week is a proper TARDIS quote again. Hurrah!  We are currently watching The Invasion of Time from the Sontaran box set and a Time Lord was being very rude about poor Sexy. I think he might come to a bad end.

It looks a bit wonky here but less so in real life. I think it's the camera angle.


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