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Hexagon Matinee Jacket September 1, 2010

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Project Number 2 for my friend has been completed.  I came across the genius idea of a matinee jacket made from two crocheted hexagons a while ago so a pregnant friend was the perfect excuse to try it out. I wasn’t entirely convinced it would work but there was evidence to the contrary on Yarn Tail’s blog and Cozy’s Corner so I put my scepticism to one side. I have tagged this as a pattern but it is more a loose set of directions.  The two blogs above give far more detailed instructions if you want to make it yourself.

You begin by starting a granny hexagon with a tight centre ring.  I was using a 4mm hook and double-knit so I began with a circle of 4 chains.  By the time you get to the third round, you will find that the hexagon will not lie flat.  This is one of the few times in crochet where this is a good thing!  You want to end up with a motif that will not lie flat.  As I am basically ignorant about the size babies come in, I erred on the side of caution and made 14 rounds which left me with

You need to make two of these. Each hexagon can then be folded and the shape of half of the coat appears.

With the two pieces held right-side together, seam down the back of the coat, sewing in the outside loops only.  The basic shape of the coat is then complete.

Seam both sleeves from the arm hole up to the third group of treble crochets before the neck edge.  To create a collar, I used Cozy’s Corner’s method of 5 rows of trebles round the neck edge. I added two more rows of trebles along each front edge for the buttons/button holes and edged the bottom and sleeves with a single row of double crochet.

It was quick, very easy and looks a far fiddlier piece of work than it actually was.  I think I may have over-estimated the size of human babies, however.  I was going for newborn size but I suppose he or she can always grow into it.


Easter Chicks March 24, 2010

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I have spent a happy couple of evenings working up a half-dozen on Easter chicks to send as a gift. There are numerous patterns on the web for chicks. I was mainly inspired by this one but I ended up making my own version, mostly because I always think I know best. I would have used bead eyes and glued on felt for the beaks but, as these are going to small children, I had to embroider the features this time.

My version of the pattern allows the beak to be centred between the wings.  It also makes the wings less bulky and adjusted some of the proportions from the original pattern.  I used double-knit wool and 4.5mm hook but any adjustments for the scraps of yarn you have should work fine.  Each one took about half an hour to complete.

Round 1: Make a magic loop. 6 dc into loop
Round 2: 2dc in each stitch (12 dc)
Round 3: 2dc in first stitch, 2 dc in second stitch, *2 dc in next stitch, 1 dc in next stitch**, repeat *-** to end of round (19 dc)
Round 4-5: 1dc in each stitch (19 dc)
Round 6: 1 dc in first four stitches, in FLO of fifth stitch (1dc, 1htc, 1 tc, 1 htc, 1 dc – wing made), 1 dc in next 9 stitches, repeat (-) to make second wing, 1 dc in each stitch to the end of the round. (27 stitches)
Round 7: 1 dc in first four stitches, 1dc in unused back-loop of the wing stitch from round 7, 1dc in next 9 stitiches, 1 dc in unused back-loop of the wing stitch from round 7, 1 dc in next 4 stitches. (19 stitches)
Round 8-10: 1 dc in each stitch (19 stitches) Stuff and embroider eyes and beak if required at the end of round 10.
Round 11: decrease first 2 dc, decrease next 2 dc, *decrease next 2dc then dc in next stitch**, repeat to *-** to end of the round. (12 stitches)
Round 12: decrease 2 dc all round. Sew closed and weave in ends. (6 stitches)