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Rabbit, Rabbit January 2, 2011

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I have been working on a baby blanket in fits and starts for the last couple of weeks.  It is a filet crochet design and one that I had to concentrate on to avoid miscounting.  The new patterns in one of the crochet books I got for Christmas were calling me, however, so I knuckled down and finished the blanket last night so I can begin something new with a clear conscience.

The pattern is a free one from Coats and Clark.  I substituted a generic baby wool and changed the proportions to cover the difference in guage.  The design seemed appropriate as it is a gift for a friend with whom I often enjoy a good gossip.

I feel so virtuous beginning the New Year without one UFO to haunt me.  I’d best make the most of it while I can as I am sure it won’t last.


Monkey Time December 14, 2010

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I have started a tradition of giving every new baby I know a monkey.  This is on the grounds that every child needs a monkey and has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that I like monkeys and enjoy making them. (Anyone who suggests otherwise is a bounder.)  A friend is due to give birth in the next month so this weekend was monkey making time.  I try not to give the same monkey twice and this time I used the excellent pattern from Knotty’s Amigurumi.

He only took a few hours to make up and any resemblance to a mouse is entirely due to my dodgy embroidery skills rather than deficiencies in the pattern.  I think with a safety nose and eyes he would have been a bit more simian but then he wouldn’t have been suitable for a newborn.  His new owner won’t be critical at any rate so he is now wrapped, ready to go out to his new home next month.


Hexagon Matinee Jacket September 1, 2010

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Project Number 2 for my friend has been completed.  I came across the genius idea of a matinee jacket made from two crocheted hexagons a while ago so a pregnant friend was the perfect excuse to try it out. I wasn’t entirely convinced it would work but there was evidence to the contrary on Yarn Tail’s blog and Cozy’s Corner so I put my scepticism to one side. I have tagged this as a pattern but it is more a loose set of directions.  The two blogs above give far more detailed instructions if you want to make it yourself.

You begin by starting a granny hexagon with a tight centre ring.  I was using a 4mm hook and double-knit so I began with a circle of 4 chains.  By the time you get to the third round, you will find that the hexagon will not lie flat.  This is one of the few times in crochet where this is a good thing!  You want to end up with a motif that will not lie flat.  As I am basically ignorant about the size babies come in, I erred on the side of caution and made 14 rounds which left me with

You need to make two of these. Each hexagon can then be folded and the shape of half of the coat appears.

With the two pieces held right-side together, seam down the back of the coat, sewing in the outside loops only.  The basic shape of the coat is then complete.

Seam both sleeves from the arm hole up to the third group of treble crochets before the neck edge.  To create a collar, I used Cozy’s Corner’s method of 5 rows of trebles round the neck edge. I added two more rows of trebles along each front edge for the buttons/button holes and edged the bottom and sleeves with a single row of double crochet.

It was quick, very easy and looks a far fiddlier piece of work than it actually was.  I think I may have over-estimated the size of human babies, however.  I was going for newborn size but I suppose he or she can always grow into it.


Funky Baby Blanket August 26, 2010

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A very good friend of mine recently announced that she was having her second baby.  This is great for me as I couldn’t crochet the first time she was pregnant and this time I can use her as a willing guinea-pig for the many, many tempting baby patterns which have appeared recently. To start myself off, however, I began with the basic baby blanket.

My friend is quite a funky lady and so I decided to eschew the normal pastel baby colours and go for something a bit brighter.  I got some beautiful Manos Silk Blend wool which is a lovely, soft blend of silk and mohair.  Apart from being wonderful wool to work with, Manos wool has the bonus of being produced by a co-operative of women in Uruguay, providing them with economic and social opportunities.  It’s not the cheapest yarn to have chosen but does make the softest baby blanket.  If I were richer I would make a full-size version for myself but I think I might have settle for the cheaper hat option instead.

I wanted a relatively plain pattern to make a feature of the yarn.  I expanded the simple lace block motif from Melody Griffith’s 201 Crochet Motifs and basically kept going until I ran out of wool.  Three skeins made it large enough to keep a baby warm through its first winter.

Just the blocking left to do...

I am still debating whether to add a few applique flowers but I may wait to see what sex the baby is before I add any more to it. It needs something to lift it but I have a few months left to ponder it yet.


Something Less Geeky January 13, 2010

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There must be something in the water where I work. Over the last six years there has been a baby a year born in the department. Five of these six women had all sat in the same office chair around the time they conceived and we did debate flying in the face of science and marketing it as a fertility aid. Just to be on the safe side, I refuse to sit in at all.

The great thing about all this fecundity is the chance it has given me to try out some of the millions of baby patterns to be found on the web. When I was crochet newbie I stumbled across this brilliant pattern on  At the time it was beyond my capabilities but when the sixth pregnancy was announced last year I decided to have a crack at it.

I made some changes as I knew the colour scheme of the nursery and wanted to make something that would fit in with the room.  Rather than working the chart in one piece, I broke the letters down into squares worked in white, cream and a very pale lemon yellow and omitted the bobble border.  This made the pattern more portable and meant there was far less to unpick and re-stitch in the (inevitable) event of me managing to miscount.  I added in a diamond shape made of bobbles into each corner square as I felt it made the pattern look more balanced.  Finally, I finished it with a plain double crochet border.

The blanket took around a month to complete.  I did a lot of ripping and restitching.  I know I shouldn’t crochet after a glass of wine but it always seems like a good idea at the time.  I was really pleased with the final result.  I don’t really do pretty as a rule but the occasional dip into the world of cuteness can be rewarding.