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Rabbit, Rabbit January 2, 2011

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I have been working on a baby blanket in fits and starts for the last couple of weeks.  It is a filet crochet design and one that I had to concentrate on to avoid miscounting.  The new patterns in one of the crochet books I got for Christmas were calling me, however, so I knuckled down and finished the blanket last night so I can begin something new with a clear conscience.

The pattern is a free one from Coats and Clark.  I substituted a generic baby wool and changed the proportions to cover the difference in guage.  The design seemed appropriate as it is a gift for a friend with whom I often enjoy a good gossip.

I feel so virtuous beginning the New Year without one UFO to haunt me.  I’d best make the most of it while I can as I am sure it won’t last.


Monkey Time December 14, 2010

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I have started a tradition of giving every new baby I know a monkey.  This is on the grounds that every child needs a monkey and has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that I like monkeys and enjoy making them. (Anyone who suggests otherwise is a bounder.)  A friend is due to give birth in the next month so this weekend was monkey making time.  I try not to give the same monkey twice and this time I used the excellent pattern from Knotty’s Amigurumi.

He only took a few hours to make up and any resemblance to a mouse is entirely due to my dodgy embroidery skills rather than deficiencies in the pattern.  I think with a safety nose and eyes he would have been a bit more simian but then he wouldn’t have been suitable for a newborn.  His new owner won’t be critical at any rate so he is now wrapped, ready to go out to his new home next month.


Socks November 4, 2010

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I have had my first foray into making socks using the pattern for Shell Socks featured in the September Issue of Inside Crochet. (I would put a link but they don’t have a great presence online which is a shame.)

The pattern was quite straight forward and the large size seemed big enough to cover even my dirty great plates.  For my first attempt I used the lovely Noro wool I had bought a few weeks ago.  There were far more colours in the skein than I realised so they are bit of a rainbow extravaganza.

Feeling flushed with success I went back for more sock wool and found this lovely Regia wool in my local yarn shop.

This is what's left of the second ball

I have made the second pair for my Mum.  Thankfully her feet are much smaller than mine as, even moving up a hook size, this yarn made a slightly tighter and smaller foot.  If I use this wool again, it is something I will have to bear in mind.

The cold weather can do its worst now as me and mine are sorted for bed socks.

***Up-date*** It transpires that the heel on the second pair was too tight so I had to unravel and restitch them.  It’s not a long job but I am suprised at how wildly different a guage I got with the Regia wool.