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Today I Found Out… February 14, 2011

that you can make an adult sized jacket using the granny hexagon method but you probably won’t want to wear it when you are done.

Be glad it is a dark photo. I am sparing you the full horror.


It happened again February 6, 2011

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I have acquired some more yarn – like I actually needed any – but it has put me in a bit of a quandry.  The shop where I attend a weekly “Knit and Knatter” evening was selling off some Artesano yarn as they were discontinuing the colours.  I got four balls of a mustard yellow in DK and three of a pale terracotta shade also in DK for a snip.  Then, in the same week, I renewed a magazine subscription and was sent two balls of red 4 ply.  I had also got around to frogging a misshapen shrug which leaves me 7 balls of the blue in DK Artesano Alpaca.

The shades are pretty much as you see them here

The thing is, I have no idea what to do with them as there isn’t a vast amount of any colour.  I keep getting them out and gloating over them as I do love a bargain and the colours are fab but, in terms of inspiration, I have got zip.  I have discarded the idea of blankets (yawn), scarves (bigger yawn) and hats (always cause me problems.)  Equally, I don’t want to buy any more than I already have on the grounds that my yarn stash seems to be taking over the flat.  I think it may related to Audrey 2 and needs pruning badly. So this an appeal: Anyone want to suggest their favourite small project to get me started? All ideas gratefully received.