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This machine is a load of obsolete rubbish! June 19, 2011

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Week 8 and the row count is 208.  I am onto the ‘Police Public Call Box’ sign which I am doing in black.  The chart has crocheted letters but my intention is the embroider them on later.  This is mainly so I can get the ‘Public Call’ bit of the sign in there too.  It would annoy me beyond all reason if it just said Police Box.

My major discovery this week is that double crochet doesn’t make for a long blanket.  I am 32 rows away from finishing the charted pattern and the blanket only comes up to my mid-waist. I had suspected that it would not be long enough which was why I added the roof but I now think it may need even more height.  My current plan is to add the text ‘Type 40 TARDIS’ above it.  This will mean I have doubled the original row count of 240 to 480.  Heaven forfend I ever decide to make another one but, if I did, I think treble crochet might be more sensible next time.

I have decided the wonkiness is due to the white wool being a slightly lighter weight than all the rest. I am hoping that a border, along with some judicious pressing, will pull it all straight.

This week’s quote is from a rather underwhelmed Sontaran in The Invasion of Time. We’re on to The Two Doctors now and I am hoping Number 2 will be sniffy about Number 6’s console room so I get a good quote. Crumbs!


2 Responses to “This machine is a load of obsolete rubbish!”

  1. Kylie Says:

    I was wondering, are you using UK terminology or US terminology when you say “double crochet”? From what I read on the Ravelry site for this blanket, the person who made it origianlly was alternating 1 row of double crochet and 1 row of single crochet, meaning she’s using US terminology (there is no single crochet in UK terms). From the looks of your (seriously cool) blanket, you’re using UK terminology as your “double crochet” to me looks like single crochet. It might be a reason why your blanket is so much shorter than the original!

    I bet it’s going to look awesome when it’s done though!

    • crochethook Says:

      It’s UK terminology. I knew it would be shorter than the original but, having experimented, I preferred the look of double crochet to the mix of stitches on the original. It makes for a denser blanket. The moaning is just me enjoying myself. 🙂

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